How To Play Klondike Solitaire Game

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How To Play Klondike Solitaire Game

If you are looking for free Solitaire Klondike games, then you have landed on the right place. These solitaire games are very exciting and addictive, which is one of the reasons why they are still played to this day.

Klondike is a traditional and widely used solitaire game. The key to this game is that there are three player cards, which are all placed face down in the center of the table. Each player then takes a turn at removing one card from the center by placing it back on the left of the player and again moving to the right of them.

Each turn, the players will have three different sides to choose from, these are East, West and North. Some may feel that East, West and North are very similar, but they are not. East is to the south and west is to the north, while North is to the east and North is to the west.

East is to the south, where the left is moved southwards, by entering the slot, this removes the East side, leaving only the south. This is done twice, in the first round. The player can choose to keep the card, which remains the same or move it to the South slot, and this is done again in the second round. After the second round, the remaining card is moved to the West side.

West is then moved up to the slot, which allows it to be removed from the West side. This is repeated for the second time, with the South slot being used. As a result, the player has no cards to remove from the East, North or South sides. To win the game, the last card remains.

When a player receives a top card from another player, the action is done, as the player moves up from the East side to the South slot, again giving the player a top card to take, this time moving the player to the West side. The player should use this top card to take the next card, this is done, moving them to the North and East slots.

To win the game, the player must successfully remove their top card from their own ‘side’ – from the left to the right. In order to win, the player must remove all their top cards from their own side and at the same time remove any top card from another player’s side. If the player does this successfully, they win the game.